Hospital Bags…stuff for Mum


  • Snacks:
    • Clemmie Hooper from the Gas and Air blog recommends Green and Blacks dark chocolate as it is so full of iron for after the birth.
    • Peanut butter cups for energy
    • They always give out jelly babies at charity runs so I guess this is good to keep you going through labour
    • Raspberry leaf tea (and maybe a flask, travel kettle etc) they say that this encourages strong and effective contractions so it may be an idea to bring this with you. Studies are contradictory but it may help to keep contractions going so that labour doesn’t slow down. I’ve also read that this can be a pain reliever, every little helps!
    • Sports cap drinks and/or straws
    • It’s unlikely you will be thinking about brushing your teeth so Clemmie Telford has put chewing gum on her ‘Essential List of Non-essentials’
  • Comforting things
    • Lush Breath of fresh air spray has been recommended by Helen on the Gas and Air blog
    • Your own pillows / blankets etc – likely to make it feel a lot more familiar and relaxing than the hospital linen. I will be bringing the £1.75 ikea fleece blankets so I don’t need to worry about mess
    • Magicool or facial spray
    • Socks, slippers, big hoodie, dressing gown, PJs (Clemmie Telford says bring everything in black to hide ‘leaks’ )
    • Music and ear phones to try and zone out
    • Hot water bottle
    • Magazines
  • Boring stuff
    • Hair bands and a big wide band for fringes
    • Flip flops in case the showers aren’t looking good
    • Thick lip balm as the gas and air will dry out your lips
    • Straws so you don’t need to bother with cups
    • Ear plugs as the ward will probably be noisy
    • Maternity pads, breast pads, nursing bras
    • Towels (the hospital don’t provide them)
    • Phone charger
    • Wet wipes & Dry shampoo
    • Tens Machine
    • Change for the car parking
  • Aromatherapy
    • Lavender oil to relax
    • Clary Sage oil strengthens contractions and relaxes / reassures (but can’t be used with gas and air)
    • Peppermint oil – refreshing and uplifting
    • Flannels
    • Tissues
    • Carrier oil (grape seed / almond etc)

Here is where to buy it:


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