Basal Body Temperature, use a BBT thermometer (which measures to two decimal places) to keep track of your ovulation. Either download an app or chart it on paper.


Pain relieving drug given by injection (a purified version of heroin!), can cause breathing problems for baby.


AKA Gas and Air

Morphine sulphate

Liquid or tablet painkiller given when contractions are strong in early labour to allow the mother some rest.

Obstetric Choleostasis :

Liver condition affecting 1 in 140 pregnant women, symptoms usually include itching after week 30, often starting with hands and feet but can spread all over. Tell your midwife as you will need medical attention and monitoring.


Pain releiving drugs including pethidine, diamorphine and meptid

Sytocinon Drip :

Encourages contractions when midwives think that they have slowed down


Vaginal birth after caesarian


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