First blog post…a bit more about me

I have just started A Yorkshire Baby Blog to try and get down all of the information swimming around in my head, my kindle, my pinterest and my amazon wish list.

My husband and I have decided that due to finances our first baby is at least two years away. As an incredibly impatient person my options were to either drive myself (and my husband) crazy chatting and googling anything and everything baby related…or to find something useful to do! So this is my website

I’m 28, recently married and am guilty of spending my weeknights mooching on the sofa with my dog, eating biscuits, flicking through Netflix and spending excessive time on baby websites. On a weekend we like to pack up with the dog and go walking in the North York Moors or the Dales, flasks of coffee, fish & chips, chocolate and cake 🙂

I work in banking but like many people it is a job and not a passion, I don’t have a dream job but (like some mad Disney obsessive) I’ve only ever really wanted a husband, family and happy ending. Even as a toddler I was focused on lots of looking after dolls and even did a fair bit of pretend ironing, vacuuming etc. Unfortunately for my home, my interest in housework has dramatically fallen, but my interest in babies has not. My cat who responds to the name ‘baby’ and gets carried around in my arms would attest to this (if he could talk…and wasn’t a cat).

That is enough about me…I’ll try to make the next post a little more informative!



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