Baby beds: co-sleepers

So my nursery plans are definitely focused on budget, they aren’t babies forever so I’d rather spend my funds on living costs so that I can have as much time on maternity leave as possible.

However I’m not going 100% budget on everything. As a worrier and natural light sleeper I can see me waking every hour to check on baby (assuming baby hasn’t already woken me). But I also wouldn’t want to co-sleep for fear of hurting the baby. I initially thought a separate moses basket was a complete waste of money (why not put them in their cot?) until I saw the Snuzpod. The Snuzpod isn’t technically a moses basket but a side-sleeper / co-sleeping cot. It attaches to your bed (with straps so will work with most beds), it can be a standalone cot up to 6 months, it can rock and the bed unit can be carried around the house. But best of all there is a mesh panel in the side so you can watch baby sleep or zip the side down so you don’t have to sit up and lean over to get baby out.



  • Easy access to baby during the night
  • Ability to see baby from your own bed
  • Simple design (much better than competitors)
  • Proximity to mum is likely to reduce the risk of SIDS
  • Can be used for longer than a standard moses basket (up to 6 months)


  • One of the more expensive co-sleepers on the market
  • You don’t need it, baby could always go straight into the main cot from birth
  • Users have criticized the mattress is hard / thin
  • If it is attached to the bed and you are using a movement monitor it will pick up the parents movements as well (so won’t be effective)…this is the same with any co-sleepers


  • £199.95 brand new at nearly every retailer plus £29.95 for mattress
  • Used Snuzpods are around £75.00-£125.00 on ebay, often with a mattress and some bedding (beware that you are advised to buy a new mattress for each baby)


Chico next to me crib

This is fairly similar in the way it works, it is slightly cheaper but to me the additional £30 is well spent on the design of the Snuzpod. This looks more cushioned which may appeal to some, however I have read that on a standard cot you should avoid cushioning around the bars as the baby could overheat…so this may apply to the Chico next to me crib as well??

Cost, typically £169.00


WALDIN Baby Bedside Cot

This is cheaper at £69.99 + £23.98 delivery on Amazon, but for me it’s a no as it isn’t quick and easy to put the side up and down. For most mums this is probably not a problem but I would worry about cats creeping in with baby without me realising. 



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